We like to think of Deskfruit augmented reality objects as futuristic totems. These strange wooden objects have magical powers. Viewed through the Deskfruit app, the objects come to life. For some, deskfruits live on a desk. Others carry them around in their pockets and reveal their hidden beauty to curious friends and strangers.


At Deskfruit, we are motivated by a simple premise: that there is beauty all around us — at every moment, under every stone, in every living, breathing being on Earth.  Sometimes it pops up in unexpected places. And at unexpected times.  But fortunately, we’ve found a wellspring: a continually re-generating source of genie-like magic. Enter Deskfruit’s augmented reality objects.

We started with nature… sights and sounds that transport you away to miniature world in the palm of your hand. The first scenes include cactuses, campfires, trees and a volcano that erupts onto your table. But the possibilities for Deskfruit scenes are endless. We’ve already introduced mini games, and interactive scenes only possible with the splendor of augmented reality.  There is much, much more to come.

We believe that augmented reality objects like Deskfruit will one day be commonplace. By carving out a space and container for augmented reality, Deskfruit guides and encourages the user to participate in AR experiences. And for the 99% percent of the time Deskfruit isn’t showing you some cool scene, model or game, it is a beautiful piece of design that sits happily on your desk or in your pocket.

We’ll be posting more in the coming weeks and would love to hear from you.

Reach out to team@deskfruit.io.

Deskfruit Augmented Reality Objects